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I’m Missing Some Of My Flight Details – Can I Still Make A Claim For Compensation?

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Based on 12,352 reviews.

We’re often contacted by clients who were on a delayed flight and want to make a flight compensation claim but they don’t have some – or any – of their flight details. What happens if you find yourself in this situation?

How Much Information Do I Need To Be Able To Make A Flight Compensation Claim?

In this article we talk you through what to do if you can’t find you flight number, if you’re having trouble tracking down your booking reference number or you’re struggling to find any paperwork proving that you were on the plane.

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I Can’t Find My Flight Number, Can I Still Claim?

Usually the quickest way to check if you can claim for delayed or a cancelled flight is to input your flight date and flight number into our flight delay compensation checker for an instant decision. This free online form will let you know whether you have a claim in just a matter of seconds. But it does need your flight number in order to give you an answer so what happens if you can’t remember your flight number?

Firstly, don’t worry. Bott and Co has a huge flight database with the details of millions of flights on record. Luckily that means that, even if you don’t know your flight number, there is a good chance that we will be able to trace it for you.

Of course we will need some information to get us started – If you can tell us the name of the airline you flew with, the time of your flight, the date you travelled and the airports that you were travelling to and from, these are all really useful.

Just give our team a call on 01625 415 850 and we will do our best to help you locate your flight number and let you know whether you can make a claim.

I Can’t Find My Booking Reference, Can I Still Claim?

It is usually possible to make a flight compensation claim even if you can’t find your booking reference number. The key bits of information to make sure that you have available are your flight number, the airline you were travelling with, the date of your flight and your departure and arrival airports. With this information we will be able to work out whether or not we believe you have a valid claim.

We find that clients are often worried that without their booking paperwork that won’t be able to prove how much they paid for their flight. The reality is that how much you paid for your plane ticket has no relation at all to the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim under EU Regulation 261/2004. Flight delay compensation is calculated according to the length of your delay and the distance you were travelling and passengers can claim a fixed amount of between £200 and £470.

It is definitely useful if you have an old boarding pass or email booking confirmation that you can send to us as this will help us prove that you were on the flight. However, in some cases, there are some additional steps that we can take to provide evidence that you were on the flight, should this be necessary.

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I Have No Proof Of Me Being On The Flight, Can I Still Claim?

As we said above, it will definitely help your claim progress more smoothly if you have an old boarding pass or a booking confirmation (either paper or electronic) that we keep on file. This is because these allow us to prove that you were on the flight in question. Having said that, it is often still possible to make a successful flight delay compensation claim without this paperwork.

Often we find that clients don’t think they have any proof but, after a bit of digging around at home, they realise that they do. If you think you have no proof of being on a flight but still want to make a flight compensation claim it is often worthwhile:

  • Searching your email inbox to look for old booking confirmations
  • Logging on to your travel website accounts and go through your booking history
  • Shaking your passport and digging through drawers to see if you can find an old boarding pass
  • Digging your suitcase out of the garage and see if you still have the baggage label on it
  • Contacting the travel agency where you made the booking and asking for a reprint of your travel documents

If you still cannot find any proof that you were on the flight, don’t worry! Get in touch with us and we will investigate your claim further. If need be we may be able to take steps to provide evidence showing to the court to show that you were on the flight should the court require it.

Meet Our Solicitors

Coby Benson

Coby Benson Head Of Flight Compensation Team At Bott and Co

A member of The Law Society and a SRA Registered Solicitor, Coby has been instrumental in establishing flight delay compensation law in the UK, including playing a significant part in the landmark cases of Huzar v Jet2 and Dawson v Thomson at The Supreme Court.

Coby is regularly asked for comment in the national media, regularly featuring in The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and The Independent as well as appearing on BBC Television, Sky News, ITV and BBC Radio 4 and Radio Five Live.