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Our Fees For Flight Delay Compensation Legal Services


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We display our pricing as a flat fee, so you can see from the outset exactly how much you will be charged by us if we are successful in winning your compensation.

This will be automatically deducted from your compensation and therefore will be reflected in the settlement cheque you receive from us.

Our Flat Fee Pricing Structure For EC 261 Claims

Amount Of Compensation Fee
£110 £56
£175 £90
£220 £112
£260 £135
£350 £180
£520 £270

Value Added Tax (VAT)

All fees and charges stated above include applicable VAT, unless otherwise specified.

Terms and Conditions

At the point that you decide instruct us, you will have the opportunity to view and agree our full terms and conditions, and the specific fees applicable to your expected compensation amount will be visible.

Bott and Co charge nothing if your claim is unsuccessful, meaning no financial risk to you whatsoever, and no unexpected legal bills.