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Wizz Air Flight Cancellation Leaves Man Waiting Two Days For Flight Home

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Based on 12,291 reviews.

Bott and Co recovers £786.77 flight delay compensation from Wizz Air for passenger who was delayed for two days on his way home from Prague.

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What Our Clients Say

"I heard about Bott and Co on TV from Martin Lewis money show.

Handed everything over to them and immediately they took over. Their admin was swift and professional and we signed up. Bott and Co kept us informed along the way the claim was settled and again all communication throughout was clear, efficient and timely.

Thank you Bott and Co we could not have done it without you as had tried every other avenue."


Based on 12,291 reviews.

Frank from Chester was flying home to Luton Airport, London after a sightseeing holiday in Prague.

“I arrived at the check-in desk around three hours before the flight as specified. The information board said ‘flight cancelled’ alongside my flight number.

“When I got to the information desk there was a lot of people already there who were asking questions. The Wizz Air representatives said that they knew nothing about why the flight had been cancelled. They said that it could be 24 hours if not longer before I could catch my scheduled flight home.

“Unknown to me, a lot of people had gone on their mobile phones and laptops and rebooked onto other Wizz Air flights due to depart over the next day or so. I don’t travel with this technology so I didn’t have any means by which to do this. By the time I went back to the desk, there were no re-bookings available.”

The way the airline staff treated me was abysmal.

“Fortunately there was a group of young lads who got very angry and asked Wizz Air staff to look after us. One man from the group asked what we were supposed to do for two days and the representative said “It’s up to you, sort yourselves out”.

“It was only after a confrontation that the Wizz Air representative gave the remaining passengers vouchers for two night’s full board at an airport hotel.

“The hotel was appalling, the special conditions we were given were limited and the food and rooms weren’t the best. We weren’t treated like usual hotel guests.

“If Wizz Air had said they were very sorry and explained what happened and said that they would do their best to get us home, then I wouldn’t have asked for more. It was their attitude and the way they treated us that was frustrating.

“I lost two days. I had a dinner dance that Friday which I had to cancel as I wasn’t going to be there to attend.”

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Discovering EU Regulation 261 and flight delay compensation

“Upon arriving home I didn’t know anything about flight delay compensation or that I may be entitled to it. It was a long time after the cancellation that someone said to me I should have gotten compensation.

“I found Bott and Co after doing some research online.

“I didn’t go directly to the airline, I just went straight to Bott and Co; I wouldn’t have gotten anything out of Wizz Air so didn’t waste my time.

“I must say I was anticipating Wizz Air refusing compensation. I did wonder whether Bott and Co would get anything out of them but I can see that Bott and Co have gone to great lengths to succeed.”

The service from Bott and Co has been excellent.

“I can’t say I’m surprised at how long it has taken Bott and Co to get the compensation as the airlines just do anything to avoid paying. I think Bott and Co have done a great job to get anything out of them.

“It’s a good thing that there are people like Bott and Co who are willing to do it, it tells the airlines they can’t just do what they like and treat people the way they do.

“I had a great holiday, it was just the two days that I lost that caused me distress. I was more than happy with the amount of compensation I received.”

*Based on 10,211 court proceedings issued between May 2013 and February 2016.