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Wizz Air Flight Delay Compensation

Has your Wizz Air flight delay claim for compensation been ignored or rejected by the airline? You could be due hundreds of pounds in compensation.

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Bott and Co are the UK’s leading flight delay compensation law firm. We’ve claimed millions of pounds of compensation for over 231,000 disgruntled passengers just like you.

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We can help you if you have already made a flight delay claim yourself but Wizz Air have fobbed you off, or ignored your letters, or maybe you haven’t yet claimed as you don’t have the time to file for compensation yourself.

When requests for refunds or compensation come directly from passengers sometimes airlines will try and ignore complaints or make excuses for not paying out, but they can’t ignore Bott and Co – we’ll simply take them straight to court if they try.

If you choose to make your claim using Bott and Co, we’ll handle everything for you, from expert technical reports and issuing court proceedings, to representing you in court and covering the upfront cost of all court fees.

We want to make your claim for flight delay compensation as easy as possible.

On the other hand, if you want to claim direct with Wizz Air then we’ve got all the information you’ll need below.

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How To Claim Flight Compensation With Wizz Air

If you’re feeling determined you may choose to make a flight delay claim with Wizz Air yourself, but you may come across some issues. Airlines may try to get out of paying flight delay compensation.

You might be told that the flight was delayed because of extraordinary circumstances, which makes claiming compensation impossible, when in fact the events that lead to the delay are not legally classed as extraordinary circumstances at all.

What Our Clients Say

"What can I say? The firm was absolutely brilliant all I had to do was state what happened with my delayed flight forwarded the documents signed the terms and Bott &Co did what needed to be done got full compensation for myself and my sister. Sit back be at ease knowing you are in good professional hands!"


Based on 12,291 reviews.

Wizz Air Flight Delay Claim Address:

If you would like to claim from Wizz Air on your own, please download our free template claim letter and send it to;

Wizz Air Hungary Ltd
20-22 Bedford Row

Download Template Letter For Wizz Air Flight Delay Compensation

Download letter for a Wizz Air flight delay compensation claim.
Download letter for a Wizz Air flight cancellation claim.
Download letter for a Wizz Air denied boarding/ overbooking claim.

You will need to check the flight distance and the length of the delay as this is how you work out how much compensation you are claiming for.

If you’re not sure of these details then enter your Wizz Air flight number and date of travel into our free flight delay compensation calculator and we’ll give you an instant answer as to how much you are eligible to claim or use the table below:

UK Regulation 261 Compensation Amounts in UK Pounds

Flight Distance Less than 3 hours 3 hours or more More than 4 hours Never arrived
All flights 1,500km or





Internal EU flights over 1,500km





Non-internal EU flights between 1,500km and 3,500km





Internal EU flights over 3,500km





Wizz Air have also provided some information on their website about what to do if your flight is delayed and what to expect in terms of compensation.

You’ll need to submit a claim form, and Wizz Air promise to contact you within 30 days.

Simple 4 Step Claims Process

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    Add any extra passenger details and make your claim
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    We negotiate with the airline on your behalf
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    Claim is settled and you receive your compensation

Claiming With Bott and Co

Bott and Co are experienced in pursuing claims even when the airline is adamant that they do not have to pay. Because they’re aware of our legal reputation, your compensation request is less likely to be ignored or refused if you claim it through us.

Claiming with us is simple. All you have to do is put your flight number and date in the free flight delay compensation calculator and we’ll give you an instant answer on whether you have a valid claim. We can then get to work on recovering your compensation.

We’ll send you regular email updates on the progress of your claim and transfer the compensation to your account, or send you a cheque if you prefer.

We have recovered over £2m from Wizz Air for passengers delayed more than three hours across more than 80 different routes.

We’ve won cases where the delays have been due to:

  • Airline staff, such as pilots and cabin crew, being ill or the flight is understaffed.
  • Bad weather that affected a previous flight meaning your aircraft was delayed.
  • Technical problems with the aircraft.
  • Lightning strikes
  • Bird strikes

Wizz Air might try to tell you that these are extraordinary circumstances under EU Regulation 261, but they aren’t. If Wizz Air give you any of these reasons for a delayed flight it is likely that we could still claim for flight delay compensation on your behalf.

There are only a few instances that might mean you can’t make a claim against them, they are as follows:

  • Acts of terrorism or sabotage
  • Security risks
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Hidden manufacturing defects affecting a whole fleet of aircraft.

Some airlines use one or more of the above excuses for not paying out. We then discover the reason for the delay is not what the airline originally said.

It’s still worth exploring whether or not you are entitled to claim flight delay compensation even if you are given one of the reasons above. A high number of people who are entitled compensation for flight delay are initially denied it or ignored by their airline.

Why Claim With Bott and Co?

We’re flight delay compensation experts. We’re the number one UK flight compensation delay law firm and we’ve helped thousands of passengers just like you. If you’re struggling to claim compensation from the airline, don’t have the time to try or don’t know where to start, Bott and Co would be happy to do all of the hard work for you.

We’ll handle all of the hassle, even appearing in court on your behalf if we need to, to make claiming compensation simple, easy and quick. Most of our clients receive their compensation within 30 days when we issue court proceedings.

We Can Tell You Whether You’re Entitled To A Claim In Just A Few Seconds

If you’ve suffered a Wizz Air flight delay of three hours or more in the last six years enter your flight details in to the flight claims calculator to see how much flight compensation you could be entitled to.

We Can Claim Even If You Have Already Accepted Vouchers

Some airlines will offer you vouchers. They might imply that this is instead of paying rightful compensation under EU Regulation 261 in the hope you won’t pursue compensation.

You are still entitled to flight delay compensation even if you have already accepted vouchers, so do send us your flight details and we’ll look into your claim for you.

We Can Take Your Claim Even If You Don’t Know Your Flight Details

If you don’t know your flight number or specific details we can still work together to get your flight delay compensation. Your claim could go as far back as six years ago, and we don’t expect you to keep that information for that long.

You can find out if you have a valid claim in just a few seconds using our flight delay compensation calculator. Once we know you are entitled to compensation, we can take this forward on your behalf and get you the compensation you’re entitled to.

It’s No Win No Fee – And Our Fees Are Reasonable

We offer a guaranteed no-risk service. On the rare occasion we don’t win a claim then you won’t have to pay anything, and if we take your claim to court we will cover all of the court fees and attend court on your behalf, so you won’t be out of pocket at all.

Looking Out For Your Best Interests

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    No Win No Fee

    Our No Win No Fee promise means you are at no financial risk if you decide to make a claim

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    Claiming is as simple as adding your flight details and we'll do the rest for you.

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    Get Your Compensation Quicker

    Many of our flight compensation claims are settled in 30 days

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Who Are Wizz Air?

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost airline serving 35 countries, including many cities across Europe, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The airline carries millions of passengers to and from these destinations every year.

The airline is relatively new having formed in 2003 and failed to make a profit until 2012. Their head office is in Budapest, which can make claiming compensation against the airline more difficult.

Some Of Wizz Air’s Most Popular Routes

Wizz Air Flight Number Departure City Arrival City
W62202, W62204, W62206, W62208, W62210 Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom Ferihegy,Budapest (BUD) Hungary
W62502, W62504 Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom Riga Intl,Riga (RIX) Latvia
W63002, W63004, W63010 Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom Henri Coanda,Bucharest (OTP) Romania
W62201, W62203, W62205, W62209 Ferihegy,Budapest (BUD) Hungary Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom
W63032 Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom Henri Coanda,Bucharest (OTP) Romania
W62601, W62609 Ruzyne,Prague (PRG) Czech Republic Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom
W63001, W63003, W63009 Henri Coanda,Bucharest (OTP) Romania Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom
W61307, W61309 Okecie,Warsaw (WAW) Poland Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom
W62503 Riga Intl,Riga (RIX) Latvia Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom
W64371 Sofia,Sofia (SOF) Bulgaria Birmingham,Birmingham (BHX) United Kingdom
W62512 Liverpool,Liverpool (LPL) United Kingdom Riga Intl,Riga (RIX) Latvia
W62602, W62610 Luton,London (LTN) United Kingdom Ruzyne,Prague (PRG) Czech Republic
W68009 Vilnius Intl,Vilnius (VNO) Lithuania Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport,Doncaster, Sheffield (DSA) United Kingdom
W64317 Sofia,Sofia (SOF) Bulgaria Bristol,Bristol (BRS) United Kingdom

Wizz Air Compensation Success Stories

Bott and Co wins flight compensation case in just 19 hours

We settled one passenger’s claim in just 19 hours when she came to us looking for help with her flight compensation claim against Wizz Air.

After suffering a flight delay of four hours on a flight from Budapest to London, the passenger tried to claim flight delay compensation direct from Wizz Air. When the airline refused to pay out, she came to Bott and Co for help and was delighted when we told her that she would be receiving flight compensation less than a day later.

Passenger misses sister’s birthday after eight-hour flight delay

We recovered €250 flight delay compensation for a passenger who missed her sister’s 18th birthday because of an eight hour Wizz Air delay.

The passenger wrote to Wizz Air asking for compensation for her delay, but the airline refused to pay her, arguing that the delay had been caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Fortunately, when Bott and Co got involved, Wizz Air agreed to pay the passenger €250 flight compensation.

Bott and Co recovers €2,400 compensation for cancelled flight

Wizz Air were forced to pay six passengers €400 each when a flight from Poland to Liverpool was cancelled due to engine blade damage.

In court, Bott and Co successfully argued that as this damage was a ‘technical problem‘ which is not an extraordinary circumstance, Wizz Air should have to pay the group flight delay compensation.

Meet the team
Coby Benson Head Of Flight Compensation Team At Bott and Co

Coby Benson

A member of The Law Society, Coby helped establish the flight delay compensation sector in the UK.

His work has been recognised throughout the industry, winning numerous awards, including The Manchester Law Society Associate of the Year. Coby has been a key speaker on Flight Compensation, appearing on Sky News, BBC Radio and national newspapers as a flight delay expert.

*Based on 10,211 court proceedings issued between May 2013 and February 2016.