Virgin Atlantic Flight Delay Compensation

If Virgin has rejected or ignored your flight delay compensation claim, our award-winning lawyers are here to help.

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Based on 12,291 reviews.

Bott and Co recover flight delay compensation on a no-win no-fee basis, so you’re not putting yourself at financial risk when you make a claim.

We’ve helped over 231,000 people like you who have had their flight delay compensation claim ignored or rejected by the airlines, recovering over £78million.

Our flight delay compensation lawyers are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and come recommended by the Guardian’s Consumer Champions as the “reliable” lawyers you can trust.

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"Easy process with lots of email updates Very straightforward process for a flight delay complaint. I was sent lots of communication about the process and received my compensation money at the end. Have recommended to others. Thanks."


Based on 12,291 reviews.

We Can Take Your Virgin Flight Delay Claim Out Of Your Hands

Have you tried to claim flight delay compensation direct from Virgin? If you’ve suffered a flight delay, had your flight cancelled or denied boarding and contacted Virgin requesting compensation, you may be familiar with one if these common responses:

  • Your flight delay or flight cancellation was due to crew sickness
  • Your flight delay or flight cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances
  • Your flight delay or flight cancellation was due to bad weather
  • Your flight delay of flight cancellation was due to a hidden manufacturing defect

If you’ve had your delayed flight compensation claim rejected or ignored by Virgin, we’re here to help.

Why Choose Bott and Co?

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    A History Of Success

    We have claimed over £78m in flight delay compensation from the airlines.

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    Expert Legal Advice

    Recognised not just within our industry but also by Martin Lewis as “pioneers” in our field.

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    On Your Side

    Completely independent, our only focus is helping you claim for what you are legally entitled to.

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    Fully Regulated

    We are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Your claim is in safe hands.

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Claiming Flight Delay Compensation From Virgin Made Easy

If Virgin refuses your flight delay compensation claim, your only option may be to take legal action. If that happens, Bott and Co is the fastest, most successful flight delay compensation law firm in the UK.

For our flat fee, we:

  • Write a letter to Virgin requesting flight delay compensation on your behalf
  • Start court proceedings
  • Represent you in court (so you shouldn’t have to attend)
  • Pay all court fees
  • Pay for expert witnesses and barristers
  • Take on all the financial risk so you don’t lose a penny if we don’t win your case

Find Out If You Have A Virgin Flight Delay Compensation Claim In Seconds

Our flight compensation claim calculator will tell you if you have a valid claim and how much you could claim for your delayed flight almost instantly.

If you’ve had a flight delay of three hours or more in the last six years, just enter the flight date and number into the claims calculator to find how much compensation you can claim.

Looking Out For Your Best Interests

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    No Win No Fee

    Our No Win No Fee promise means you are at no financial risk if you decide to make a claim

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    Claim Stress Free

    Claiming is as simple as adding your flight details and we'll do the rest for you.

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    Get Your Compensation Quicker

    Many of our flight compensation claims are settled in 30 days

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No Win-No Fee And Absolutely No Hidden Costs

Bott and Co take on all the financial risk for you, so in the highly unlikely event we don’t win your case, you don’t pay us a thing.

Our pricing is displayed as a flat fee, so you can see from the outset how much will be deducted from your compensation to cover our costs, if your claim is successful. If your case requires us to issue court proceedings on your behalf, there will be an increase in administrative fees to cover some of the extra work involved in doing this. All relevant costs associated with your claim are clearly stated in your T&Cs.

If we can’t recover your compensation, you pay nothing, meaning no financial risk to you whatsoever, even if your case goes to court.

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Start Your Flight Delay Compensation Claim Today

European flight delay law EC 261/2004 says airlines should pay passengers delayed by three hours or more up to £520 flight delay compensation. Unfortunately, airlines often tell passengers they don’t have a delayed flight compensation claim when they actually do.

All you have to do to start your flight delay compensation claim today is enter your flight date and number into our flight delay claim calculator.

We will take care of everything else for you, so you can sit, back, relax and wait for your compensation to come to you.

Bott and Co recovers €60,000 compensation for Virgin Atlantic flight delay

We recovered flight delay compensation for 100 passengers when they suffered a delay of over 26 hours on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Orlando to Gatwick.

Flight delay compensation Regulation EC 261/2004 says that airlines must provide delayed passengers with hotel accommodation where necessary. Virgin did provide the passengers with a hotel for the night, but refused to pay flight delay compensation to them when they asked for it at a later date.

100 of the passengers grouped together and came to Bott and Co for help, and we went on to secure them €60,000 flight delay compensation.

Couple’s Christmas ruined by Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation

A husband and wife missed Christmas with their family when their Christmas Eve flight from South Africa to London was cancelled. Virgin didn’t provide the couple with an alternative flight home until 30th December.

Despite the couple being delayed for six days, when they wrote to Virgin asking for compensation, the airline told them they weren’t entitled to anything because the cancellation had been caused by extraordinary circumstances.

The couple came to Bott and Co and we were able to recover €600 per passenger to help make up for their Christmas being spoiled.

Families receive flight compensation for delay caused by third party damage

We took Virgin to court when they refused to pay two families flight delay compensation for a 24 hour delay. The airline refused to pay the passengers compensation for the flight delay, which was caused by a serving vehicle colliding with the stationary aircraft.

Virgin told the passengers that the incident was an extraordinary circumstance and continued to argue this when we contacted them. We took the case to court and the judge agreed with us, awarding the passengers €600 each.

Meet the team
Coby Benson Head Of Flight Compensation Team At Bott and Co

Coby Benson

A member of The Law Society, Coby helped establish the flight delay compensation sector in the UK.

His work has been recognised throughout the industry, winning numerous awards, including The Manchester Law Society Associate of the Year. Coby has been a key speaker on Flight Compensation, appearing on Sky News, BBC Radio and national newspapers as a flight delay expert.

*Based on 10,211 court proceedings issued between May 2013 and February 2016.