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Tried to claim compensation from easyJet, but been ignored or fobbed off? Not sure what to do next? We can help you claim, join the thousands using Bott and Co.

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easyJet Compensation

Millions of people are delayed on easyJet flights each year yet only a small percentage actually receive their rightful compensation in full.

Many passengers are turned away by the airline when they try to claim direct, but easyJet can’t ignore Bott and Co, we’ve taken airlines all the way to the Supreme Court to make sure people are paid what they are owed.

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We can help if you’ve been delayed and you’re struggling to know what to do next. EU Regulation 261 states that you are entitled to as much as £520 per person for flight delays.

Our legal team is the best in the business at recovering compensation – especially on tricky claims where the airline has already refused to pay out. Even Martin Lewis suggests using our service if you need legal assistance.

If you are looking to claim direct with the airline we’ve got all the details you need below, including our free downloadable template claim letter and the airline’s address and contact information.

If you don’t want the hassle of claiming direct and handling the legal work yourself, or you’ve been ignored or fobbed off by easyJet in the past, then we can handle your claim for you. Simply put your flight details in our claim calculator to get started!

Has easyJet Rejected Your Claim?

Airlines can be quite creative with their excuses for not paying out compensation for flight delays. If you’ve been told your claim is not valid it could be for a number of reasons including:

  • Delay was due to a ‘hidden manufacturing defect’
  • There was a lightning strike or poor weather conditions
  • The flight delay was because of ‘extraordinary circumstances’
  • Cabin crew or the pilot was sick or went over their hours

We’ve successfully recovered compensation for thousands passengers who have been told any of the above reasons by airlines (any many more). We often discover that the airline changes their excuse during the claims process as well.

Why Choose Bott and Co?

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    A History Of Success

    We have claimed over £78m in flight delay compensation from the airlines.

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    Expert Legal Advice

    Recognised not just within our industry but also by Martin Lewis as “pioneers” in our field.

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    On Your Side

    Completely independent, our only focus is helping you claim for what you are legally entitled to.

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    Fully Regulated

    We are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Your claim is in safe hands.

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How To Claim Compensation Direct With easyJet

To claim direct with easyJet you will need to write to their offices, this address and company details are also what you will need to specify in any court proceedings you need to issue when you get to that point in your claim.

easyJet Ltd:
Hangar 89,
London Luton Airport

If you’re struggling to know what to say in your letter of claim then worry not, we have a downloadable template letter already set up with the correct address details for easyJet.

You can also submit your details through the easyJet website but the chances are you’re reading this guide because you’re one of the passengers easyJet has ignored or refused to pay out.

The airline does explain some of your rights if the flight was late in their guide but this won’t help if you didn’t know it before you travelled! Instead, we’ll explain how much you’re entitled to claim for your delay to and the easiest way to recover your compensation.

Be prepared for a long wait and numerous letters back and forth – particularly if easyJet is reluctant to pay out or defend the claim.

What Our Clients Say

"Bott and Co get the job done. Kept informed throughout, answered within 24 hours any fears we felt about the outcome, reassured at all times, especially when I had tried numerous times to challenge the airline company direct and was told no way was I entitled to compensation, whereas Bott and Co came up trumps."


Based on 12,229 reviews.

How To Claim With Bott and Co

We are the leading flight delay compensation service in the UK and we developed this area of law on behalf of millions of passengers – our legal team has more court victories against airlines than any other company in the country!

Our claims process is fully electronic and you won’t need to speak to our legal team during the course of the claim if you don’t want to.

Our simple to use flight delay compensation checker will give you an instant decision on whether your delay is eligible for compensation and how much you are owed.

So if you want the very best, quickest, easiest service Bott and Co will make you happy – just check out the independent reviews on Feefo – even Martin Lewis suggests using us as your preferred flight delay compensation law firm.

We have helped over 152,000 people with their easyJet compensation claims, often after they have been told the airline is not paying out.

Our legal team has recovered over £10 million in compensation from easyJet that it owed to passengers under its EU261 obligations. This is across more than 460 different routes so wherever you were delayed, chances are we’ve got it covered – we may have already settled a claim on your exact flight!

Simple 4 Step Claims Process

  • Check your flight with our free, industry leading calculator
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    Add any extra passenger details and make your claim
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    We negotiate with the airline on your behalf
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    Claim is settled and you receive your compensation

No Win No Fee easyJet Compensation

To make your life extra easy, we will work on a no-win no-fee no-risk basis. This means that on the (very) rare occasion we don’t win a case, you won’t have to pay a penny – that’s a guarantee!

What’s more, all our legal work is done under the same fixed cost – so if your claim is defended by the airline in court – even if it goes all the way to the Supreme Court, you’ll never pay any extra as we’ll cover those additional legal costs.

No upfront costs, no-win no-fee, no risk guarantee, no stress, no hassle – no problem!

Quick And Simple

Need your easyJet compensation in a hurry? Don’t waste time writing to them and being ignored or fobbed off, use our quick and easy flight compensation calculator instead.

Just put in your flight number and date and we’ll do the rest – we can even lookup your flight if you can’t remember the flight number!

Our claims process is fully electronic and you won’t need to speak to our legal team during the course of the claim if you don’t want to.

More than half our claims are settled within 30 days when we issue court proceedings – we’re the fastest flight delay compensation firm in the UK.

Award Winning Customer Service

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    The UK's Most Recommended

    4.7/5 Feefo score and over 650,000 happy clients

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    Decision In Under 60 Seconds

    Use our flight claim calculator and claim up to £520 per passenger

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    Industry Leading Success Rates

    We have a 93% success rate in court*

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Can You Take Over My Claim? Yes We Can.

If you tried to claim direct from easyJet without success the good news is that we win thousands of claims that had previously been rejected – even when the Civil Aviation Authority have said they don’t believe a claim is valid!

Our legal team is the leading authority on flight delay compensation rules so we’re confident that if we think your claim is valid, we’ll win compensation for you, regardless of how many times you’ve been rejected, and sometimes even if you have already lost in court.

If your easyJet complaint was fobbed off for one of the following reasons:

  • Crew or pilot sickness
  • Lightning strikes
  • Weather affecting previous flights
  • Airline staff strikes
  • Technical problems

We’re more than happy to assess your claim free of charge when you submit the details through the calculator.

Meet the team
Coby Benson Head Of Flight Compensation Team At Bott and Co

Coby Benson

A member of The Law Society, Coby helped establish the flight delay compensation sector in the UK.

His work has been recognised throughout the industry, winning numerous awards, including The Manchester Law Society Associate of the Year. Coby has been a key speaker on Flight Compensation, appearing on Sky News, BBC Radio and national newspapers as a flight delay expert.

What if easyJet Offered Vouchers

Some airlines have a policy of offering you vouchers when you’re delayed – they can even sometimes do this instead of paying you the rightful compensation under EU flight delay rules.

Even if you already accepted the vouchers, you are entitled to flight delay compensation so simply send us your flight details and we’ll take up the claim on your behalf.

Some of easyJet’s most popular routes

easyJet Flight Number Departure City Arrival City
U2830, U2836, U2838, U2840, U2842 Belfast Intl, Belfast (BFS) United Kingdom Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U28603, U28609, U28611, U28613, U28615 Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom Malaga,Malaga (AGP) Spain
U28570, U28572, U28574, U28576, U28578, U28580 Barcelona,Barcelona (BCN) Spain Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U28622, U28626, U28628, U28630, U28634, U28636 Son Sant Joan,Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Spain Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U28832 Bodrum – Milas,Bodrum (BJV) Turkey Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U28352, U28354, U28356, U28358, U28360 Cote D’Azur,Nice (NCE) France Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U28868, U28870, U28872, U28876, U28878, U28880, U28882, U28884, U28886 Schiphol,Amsterdam (AMS) Netherlands Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U27022, U27024, U27026 Jersey,Jersey (JER) Jersey Liverpool,Liverpool (LPL) United Kingdom
U25332, U25336, U25338, U25340 Blagnac,Toulouse (TLS) France Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U25222, U25226, U28226 Valencia,Valencia (VLC) Spain Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U25268, U25270, U25272, U28062, U28072 Venezia Tessera,Venice (VCE) Italy Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U21891, U21895, U21897 Manchester,Manchester (MAN) United Kingdom Schonefeld,Berlin (SXF) Germany
U2808, U2812, U2814 Edinburgh,Edinburgh (EDI) United Kingdom Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
U26071, U26075 Bristol,Bristol (BRS) United Kingdom Alicante,Alicante (ALC) Spain

Who Are easyJet

EasyJet is one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe with over 10,000 employees carrying over 65 million passengers per year on 200 aircraft across 28 bases including Gatwick and Luton.

Most people in the UK at some point will have travelled on an easyJet flight or know someone that has, so it’s also possible that you, or someone you know, has been delayed more than three hours on an easyJet flight in or out of the UK.

Claiming compensation from easyJet should be straightforward – but unfortunately that’s not always the case. EU261 states that you should be compensated if the flight is delayed more than three hours on arrival, or if your flight is cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice, or if you are denied boarding.

EasyJet has previously been criticised for not refunding tickets on cancelled flights quickly enough and for not paying compensation or offering care and assistance under EU 261/2004.

Examples of Successful Flight Delay Claims Against easyJet

Two brothers from Bedfordshire asked Bott and Co to help with their claim against easyJet after enduring a 24 hour delay and being fobbed off by the airline when they tried to claim direct.

The airline kept delaying the flight without giving passengers any reasons until eventually they decided to cancel the flight telling the delayed passengers that someone had been sick on the plane on an earlier journey.

easyJet said they couldn’t organise overnight accommodation but if people booked hotels then they would reimburse the costs at a later date, so passengers were left to fend for themselves.

Once the passengers finally arrived home a day later than anticipated, our client James Simpson wrote to easyJet to claim compensation under regulation 261/2004 and for the overnight hotel and food costs incurred.

easyJet responded declining any reimbursement of hotel accommodation and transport expenses plus they also refused to compensate for the delay and cancellation.

“It’s been an absolute fight and huge pain to get anywhere with the airline.”

James did some research online where he found Bott and Co and submitted his flight details to our legal team to recover 500 Euros in compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004.

Elderly disabled man left without proper care and assistance

Bott and Co helped a 70 year old disabled man recover £345.07 from easyJet after his cancelled flight transformed a bargain break into a holiday nightmare.

Just minutes before Robert Dale was due to fly home after a break in Barcelona to Newcastle Airport passengers were told by easyJet that their flight was cancelled.

Mr Dale, who was registered as disabled so that airline knew to look after him and provide him with the relevant care and assistance, was left to travel 300 miles alone and without assistance after eventually being rerouted to another airport.

After a night in a nearby hotel Mr Dale had to make his own way back to the airport where he learned that there weren’t any flights back to Newcastle for another five days – and easyJet would not pay for any more nights in a hotel.

As a result he had no real choice but to take a different flight to Southend and try to get back home from there. He was left to get on the plane last and walk up the steps without assistance, despite easyJet being aware of his disability.

The airline refused compensation saying the reason for the delay was due to the weather (thunderstorms) which affected the flight out to Barcelona. Bott and Co’s investigations showed the visibility was very good with no wind and therefore the delay was claimable.

Bott and Co were able to recover compensation from easyJet for Mr Dale’s cancelled flight under EU Regulation 261/2004.

Three-hour delay or not?

We recovered £567.32 flight delay compensation for a couple from Cornwall who were delayed for over 3 hours, but told by easyJet that their delay was less than 3 hours.

Philip Walsh and his wife Karen were travelling from Bristol Airport to Alicante on 5th October 2014 for a two week holiday and to visit family, when their flight was delayed. They were delayed for 3 hours and 1 minute which is claimable under EU Regulation 261.

The couple sent a template letter supplied by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to easyJet who wrote back to say the delay was due to a diversion on the flight beforehand. When the couple wrote back disputing this easyJet changed their excuse and claimed the delay was 2 hours and 59 minutes, and therefore not eligible for compensation.

They found out about Bott and Co via an internet search and submitted their claim through our flight delay compensation calculator.

Our data was able to confirm the flight was indeed delayed over three hours and we successfully recovered compensation from easyJet for the couple.

*Based on 10,211 court proceedings issued between May 2013 and February 2016.