British Airways Flight Delay Compensation

Frustrated by a late British Airways flight and struggling to get your flight compensation from the airline? We explain your rights and how to check if you can compensation from BA.

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Claiming Flight Compensation With British Airways

We’ve got all the information you need to make your flight delay compensation claim through our award-winning flight claim checker as well as useful information on BA and how to claim direct.

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Bott and Co are the UK’s leading flight delay compensation company – we’ve recovered more than £78million in compensation for over 231,000 people after setting up this area of law on behalf of air travellers.

We specialise in helping people recover compensation from BA when they have been ignored or fobbed off with excuses such as extraordinary circumstances. If this is you, or you simply don’t want the hassle of dealing with British Airways directly, then submit your flight details today to get started.

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Thank you Bott and Co we could not have done it without you as had tried every other avenue."


Based on 12,229 reviews.

How To Claim Compensation From British Airways

Some people like to have a go at claiming flight delay compensation from the airline before coming back to Bott and Co. If you’re up for the task and have some time on your hands then we’ve got all the information you need.

First you should familiarise yourself with the EU261 rules on flight compensation and the airline policy on paying out on claims after a long delay.

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The amounts you can claim are set by Regulation EC261/2004 and vary depending on the flight distance and length of delay. Shorter delays on short-haul flights are valued at £220 whereas a four hour or more delay on a long-haul flight is as much as £520 per person.

You’ll need to know where to send your letter of claim as well. We’ve included the official British Airways address for flight delay claims below:

British Airways Customer Relations (S506)
PO Box 5619
CO10 2PG

Or to make things easier you can download our template letter of claim for BA flight delays.

Download Template Letter For British Airways Flight Delay Compensation

Download letter for a British Airways flight delay compensation claim.
Download letter for a British Airways flight cancellation claim.
Download letter for a British Airways denied boarding/ overbooking claim.

British Airways have included some information on their website about claiming for delays and what your rights are and their policy on recovering out of pocket expenses.

Following a number of significant periods of cancelled BA flights with a combination of strikes and IT failures, BA have specific information on compensation for cancelled flights (which has different amounts than delays) here.

Claiming Flight Compensation With Bott and Co

Bott and Co’s world-leading flight delay specialists can help you recover compensation from British Airways – no matter if the airline has already refused to pay out or even if you’ve previously lost in court.

Our claim process is so simple you’ll be amazed at how quickly we can get started – over half of cases settle within 30 days when we issue court proceedings. Airlines don’t get away with ignoring us like they might try to do with you.

Thousands of passengers have come to us for delays and cancellations caused by the IT systems failure and we’ve managed to secure compensation where others have failed.

Just put your flight number and date into our flight delay claim checker and our system will process the details to give you an instant answer on whether you have a valid claim and how much you’re entitled to.

We’ll check for the following:

  • The length of the flight delay against official data
  • The distance of the flight to determine the claim amount
  • Whether we have already won compensation on your flight
  • If there is jurisdiction on the flight
  • The flight is covered by EU261 rules
  • Any relevant extraordinary circumstances

You can then submit your claim to our specialist flight delay team and we’ll get started on the legal work, send you updates by email, and transfer the money to your account when we receive it from the airline.

All the work we do is guaranteed under our no-win no-fee service so on the rare occasion we don’t win a claim, there is nothing to pay.

There are no upfront charges, no hidden fees, and unlike claims management companies we can issue court proceedings on your behalf – we’ll go all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to all for no additional charge.

Simple 4 Step Claims Process

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    Add any extra passenger details and make your claim
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    We negotiate with the airline on your behalf
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    Claim is settled and you receive your compensation

Can You Take Over My BA Claim?

If you’ve already started a claim with BA but have been ignored, or fobbed off with excuses, and you’re not sure what to do next then we can take over your claim for you.

Simply submit your British Airways flight number and date through our flight delay calculator and we’ll begin the legal work.

There’s no hassle and our claims process is so advanced that it’s much quicker claiming with Bott and Co than using an ombudsman service or claiming yourself, particularly as there is no ombudsman service that can force an airline to pay out.

You could be owed up to £520 per passenger for a flight delay in the last six years so dig out those old flight details or use our unique flight lookup feature and we’ll find the flight number for you.

The amounts of compensation for flight delays range from £220 to £520 depending on the length of the delay and distance travelled and are set by the rules of the EU261 regulation.

UK Regulation 261 Compensation Amounts in UK Pounds

Flight Distance Less than 3 hours 3 hours or more More than 4 hours Never arrived
All flights 1,500km or





Internal EU flights over 1,500km





Non-internal EU flights between 1,500km and 3,500km





Internal EU flights over 3,500km





For flight cancellations, the amounts and conditions are slightly different and with so many recent BA cancellations, you might need to know the following claim amounts for if the flight was cancelled less than 7 days before it was due to depart:

Flight Cancellation Compensation Amounts – (Flights Within 7 Days and Replacement Flight Offered)

Flight Distance Length Of Delay Compensation Amount
Up to 1,500km Replacement flight departs more than 1 hour early £110
Up to 1,500km Replacement flight arrives more than 2 hours late £220
1,500km to 3,500km Replacement flight departs more than 1 hour early £175
1,500km to 3,500km Replacement flight arrives 2-3 hours late £175
1,500km to 3,500km Replacement flight arrives more than 3 hours late. £350
Over 3,500km Replacement flight departs more than 1 hour early £260
Over 3,500km Replacement flight arrives 2-4 hours late £260
Over 3,500km Replacement flight arrives more than 4 hours late £520

If you were given more warning of the cancellation there are slightly different conditions again. The following table sets out the compensation amounts for BA flights cancelled between 7 and 14 days before the scheduled departure date.

Flight Cancellation Compensation Amounts – (Flights Cancelled Within 7-14 Days and Replacement Flight Offered)

Flight Distance Length Of Delay Compensation Amount
Up to 1,500km Replacement flight departs more than 2 hours early £110
Up to 1,500km Replacement flight arrives more than 4 hours late £220
1,500km to 3,500km Replacement flight departs more than 2 hours early £175
1,500km to 3,500km Replacement flight arrives more than 4 hours late £350
Over 3,500km Replacement flight departs more than 2 hours early £260
Over 3,500km Replacement flight arrives more than 4 hours late £520

Airlines may often try to wriggle out of paying compensation for delays or cancellations, but we’re here to make sure they don’t. We’ve won cases where airlines have tried to avoid paying out for a number of reasons, including:

  • Crew or pilot sickness
  • Airline staff strikes
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Technical problems
  • Lightning strikes

So, if you’ve been delayed by any of the above reasons, or it’s something else you believe should entitle you to compensation then put your details into the flight delay compensation calculator and we’ll check it out.

Whatever the reason for the delay – even if it’s due to extraordinary circumstances – British Airways still owe you a duty of care under the EU261 rules. This includes:

  • Food and drink in reasonable relation to the waiting time
  • Overnight accommodation where relevant
  • Transport to and from the airport and overnight accommodation
  • Two free phone calls, emails, or faxes

These obligations kick in after delays of two hours for shorter flights and four hours on the long-haul flights.

If the airline does not cover these costs then as long as you keep receipts you’re entitled to recover reasonable expenses incurred during your delay.

Meet the team
Coby Benson Head Of Flight Compensation Team At Bott and Co

Coby Benson

A member of The Law Society, Coby helped establish the flight delay compensation sector in the UK.

His work has been recognised throughout the industry, winning numerous awards, including The Manchester Law Society Associate of the Year. Coby has been a key speaker on Flight Compensation, appearing on Sky News, BBC Radio and national newspapers as a flight delay expert.

Care and Assistance – Your Rights When Your Flight Is Delayed

Flight Distance Length of Delay
Up to 1,500km

After 2 hours


After 3 hours

Over 1,500km and between two EU States

After 3 hour

Over 3,500km

After 4 hours

All About British Airways

British Airways has the largest fleet in the UK and the second highest number of passengers after easyJet.

The airline was created in 1974 with a merger of four smaller airlines and was a state-owned for 13 years until it was privatised in 1984.

British Airways operated the iconic Concorde supersonic passenger jets for 27 years until 2003 when the last ever Concorde passenger flight departed New York for London Heathrow.

The BA head offices are located in Harmondsworth, a village near Heathrow airport, where they also have their largest base with 40% of the available slots at the airport.

Some Of British Airways Most Popular Routes

British Airways Flight Number Departure City Arrival City
BA114, BA116, BA14K, BA172, BA174, BA176, BA178, BA182 John F Kennedy Intl,New York (JFK) United States Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom
BA2583, BA2585, BA2587, BA2589 Venezia Tessera,Venice (VCE) Italy Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
BA117, BA173, BA177, BA179 Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom John F Kennedy Intl,New York (JFK) United States
BA42, BA58 Cape Town Intl,Cape Town (CPT) South Africa Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom
BA54, BA56 Johannesburg Intl,Johannesburg (JNB) South Africa Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom
BA1385, BA1387, BA1389, BA1391, BA1395, BA1399, BA1403, BA1407 Manchester,Manchester (MAN) United Kingdom Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom
BA2262, BA25K Norman Manley Intl,Kingston (KIN) Jamaica Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
BA456, BA458, BA462, BA510 Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom Barajas,Madrid (MAD) Spain
BA207, BA209 Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom Miami Intl,Miami (MIA) United States
BA55, BA57 Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom Johannesburg Intl,Johannesburg (JNB) South Africa
BA154 Cairo Intl,Cairo (CAI) Egypt Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom
BA2713, BA2715, BA2717, BA2719, BA2723 Malaga,Malaga (AGP) Spain Gatwick,London (LGW) United Kingdom
BA206, BA208 Miami Intl,Miami (MIA) United States Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom
BA104, BA106, BA108 Dubai Intl,Dubai (DXB) United Arab Emirates Heathrow,London (LHR) United Kingdom

Successful Flight Delay Claims Against British Airways

Couple stranded at the airport on Boxing Day receive £680

Bott and Co recovered £680 flight delay compensation for a couple who had their Boxing Day ruined by a six hour British Airways flight delay.

Jill and Gary Stevens were flying from London to Miami the day after Christmas when the start of their holiday was ruined by an eight-hour delay. After the holiday, Gill wrote to British Airways to request flight delay compensation but the airline refused, blaming ‘flight safety shortcomings’.

When Jill and Gary came to us for help, our flight delay compensation lawyers took British Airways to court and recovered £680. Jill said: “I’d recommend Bott and Co to anybody.”

Flight delay compensation for ‘bird strike’ cancellation

One passenger received an email from British Airways just three hours before her flight was due to take off, telling her that the flight had been cancelled due to a bird strike.

Miss F was forced to pay £141 for a new ticket to Scotland, as she was due to arrive at her friend’s wedding at 3pm the next day.

After trying and failing to claim flight compensation from British Airways herself, Miss F came to Bott and Co for help. Airlines often claim that passengers can’t claim compensation for bird strikes, but Bott and Co recovered €250 for Miss F, helping to cover the cost of her extra plane ticket.

Bott and Co wins crew sickness case in Davies v British Airways

We took British Airways to court and recovered €800 for Eric and Carol Davies, after they suffered a flight delay of nearly four hours when a cabin crew member fell ill.

Mr and Mrs Davies were told by British Airways that their delay had been caused by an extraordinary circumstance and that they weren’t entitled to flight delay compensation under EC 261/2004.

Airlines often tell passengers that delays caused by crew sickness aren’t claimable, but we’ve won a number of cases that prove that you can claim flight delay compensation when airline staff fall ill.

*Based on 10,211 court proceedings issued between May 2013 and February 2016.