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What Is Before The Event Insurance?

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Before the event insurance (BTE) is taken out by people who want to protect themselves just in case something happens.

It is often sold as part of the overall package for car and household contents insurance policies, or as an extra ‘add on’ benefit which you can pay for with these types of policies.

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Based on 12,291 reviews.

BTE is designed to protect people from potential costs that could crop up following an incident that leads to legal action being fought or defended. It covers the fees of lawyers, solicitors, barristers, expert witnesses, court fees, court fines and any legal costs that are awarded to the other side.

This kind of insurance is usually paid on an annual basis to an insurance company. You may be aware that your existing insurance policy includes BTE, but if you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to check before you decide to make a compensation claim for an accident or injury. You may find that your employer, trade union or any other body that you are a member of provides you with BTE as a benefit, so check with them as well if you’re unsure.

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What Is Before The Event (BTE) Insurance For?

The purpose of before the event insurance is to help cover the cost of your compensation claim.

The level of cover provided by BTE insurance varies from policy to policy; if your BTE insurance policy does not cover the cost of your claim, you may have to combine it with other funding options, such as a conditional fee agreement and after the event legal expenses insurance.

What If I Don’t Have BTE Insurance?

Before the event insurance cannot normally be bought after an accident has taken place so if you are making a claim and do not already have it, we will request that you purchase after event insurance when you sign our conditional fee agreement (something we can arrange for you).

This allows us to work for you on a No Win No Fee basis, and to make sure you don’t have to pay our fees in the unlikely event that we do not win your claim.

We can discuss the various funding options with you for your claim, but there’s no need to worry about costs as you won’t have to pay for anything upfront – all costs and fees are deducted from the compensation settlement before the final amount is sent to you.

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