Road Traffic Accident Claim Guides

Our in depth guides below explain your legal rights if you’ve been involved in an accident on the road.

Written by our legal team, they are regularly updated to reflect changes in law, and provide comprehensive legal advice to help you understand your rights.

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What Is A Part 36 Offer?

During the course of your personal injury claim your solicitor may receive a Part 36 offer from the other side.

This is an offer to settle the claim without having to go to court. It’s also possible (but not as common) to make a Part 36 offer to the third party to try and get them to settle the claim earlier.

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What Is After The Event Insurance?

After the event (ATE) legal expense insurance is taken out after an accident has happened in order to cover you for any legal costs you may incur when you pursue a compensation claim. This is how law firms are able to offer a no-win no-fee service as the costs are covered by the insurance policy if you lost the case.