Road Traffic Accident Case Studies

Over the last two decades, we’ve helped thousands of people claim compensation after being involved in a road traffic accident. Our case studies highlight just some of their experiences.

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A £50 Helmet Saved My Life

In 2015, Bott and Co’s Operations Manager Ann McLoughlin was cycling in the Manchester 100km race when she somersaulted off her bike at speed. She had to have facial stitches and struggled with great pain. Ann’s life was saved that day by her £50 helmet, so she cannot overstate the importance of helmets enough. 2019 is the first year she’s felt ready to take part in another race.

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Bott and Co recover £4,800 for a cyclist knocked off her bike by passengers getting off a bus

Bott and Co Solicitors have successfully negotiated compensation for injury, care and bike repairs for Miss L, a full time engineer who was injured when she was knocked off her bicycle by passengers getting off a bus that had not indicated, and was not parked at a bus stop.

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When is an RTA an RTA

It sounds like an obvious question, however if you delve a little deeper it is not entirely clear. There has been much debate between practitioners as to where the line is drawn. What difference does it make anyway?