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What Is A Medical Report And Why Do I Need One?

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Based on 12,229 reviews.

Please note the following information relates to road traffic accident claims only. Speak to our legal team for more information.

If you are making a claim for compensation and have been told you will need to have a medical report, it is understandable that you might be anxious about what this involves.  If you have been told you need a medical report, then it is likely that you will have lots of questions.

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Based on 12,229 reviews.

You may be wondering what details will be included in the medical report. You might want to know who will see the medical report. Or, you might not be sure why you even need a medical report in the first place.

For any compensation claim, you will need to have a medical report to determine the extent of the injuries suffered and the likely recovery time.

This is so your solicitor can accurately value your claim and make sure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

At Bott and Co we will arrange the medical report on your behalf with an independent medical expert, and all you will need to do is go to the appointment.

It will be arranged at a convenient location as near to your home as possible, and the doctor will be very familiar with the process as they are specialists at doing these kinds of evaluations.

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What Is A Medical Report?

A medical report is an official document written by a medical professional following a medical examination.

More focused than a general overview of your health, a medical report obtained as part of an injury compensation claim looks specifically at the injuries you sustained or any pre-existing conditions you had which have been worsened directly as a result of the accident in question.

The medical report may also detail how long your symptoms lasted, or are expected to last if they are still on-going, and the extent to which the medical professional believes the injuries you sustained in your accident will affect your daily life going forward.

They may consider whether you will be able to continue working as you did before the accident and if you are still able to carry out daily tasks like you could before you were injured.

Is It Normal For My Solicitor To Ask Me To Attend An Appointment For A Medical Report?

Absolutely! If you are making a claim, it is perfectly normal for your solicitor to ask you to attend a medical appointment to obtain a medical report. While this may seem like a daunting prospect, the whole process is straightforward and nothing to worry about.

Following your appointment, the medical professional that examined you will produce a medical report detailing the injuries you sustained in relation to the accident for which you are claiming. This report will be used by your solicitor to support your claim for compensation and ensure that you get the best possible offer from the third party and the maximum possible money that you are entitled.

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Why Do I Need A Medical Report?

The amount of compensation that we can obtain for you for your injuries is calculated according to their severity, how long they lasted and the way in which they have impacted your life.

By obtaining a medical report, we will have a professional assessment of your injuries which will give your solicitor a more thorough understanding of your case. This, in turn, will allow us to recover the appropriate amount of compensation for you.

What Is A Pre-Med Offer?

Sometimes insurers try to make a pre-med offer (that is an offer of compensation before your injuries have been assessed by an independent expert). They do this in the hope that they can get you to accept a lower amount than they think they would ultimately have to pay.

We regularly recover our clients many times more compensation than the insurers initially offer, so it’s very important to use our experts and skilled solicitors to handle your claim rather than accept a pre-med offer from the insurer direct.

If you do accept an offer direct, this will almost always be in ‘full and final settlement’ so you will have no right to claim for those injuries in future if the pain and symptoms last longer than you thought.

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