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You will find here the latest news from the personal injury legal industry as well as information relating to Bott & Co and our company developments and events.

Personal injury law currently has a high profile both politically and in the mainstream media and there is a good deal of news items relating to personal injury.  While Bott & Co stress the importance of keeping the rights of the injured victims at the forefront of any debate, this view doesn't always appear to be supported in the wider news coverage.

We will keep you informed through these latest news articles on any industry and business developments.

Bott & Co Launch Recruitment Drive to Deliver Post LASPO Strategic Objectives

Flight delay and personal injury solicitors Bott & Co have launched a recruitment drive to expand their workforce by 15% to deliver on their post LASPO strategic objectives.


UK Car Insurance Premiums Drop by 12.5%

The average comprehensive motor insurance policy fell by £92 in 2013 to £644 according to Confused.com’s price index, but selective price increases appeared across some policies.


Injured Victims Would Be Losers If No Win No Fee Ended

The Legal Ombudsman is considering scrapping the term ‘no win, no fee’ after a recent report showed some law firms had wrongly charged clients who had entered into no win, no fee agreements.

The watchdog said it dealt with around 600 cases last year where claimants were wrongly billed for “significant and unexpected costs” which resulted in firms paying out a total of nearly £1million in compensation.


Drivers Footing Bill For Unnecessary Claims Costs From Insurers Says Competition Commission

Car insurance premiums are too high and the current insurance market is not working in favour of motorists, according to a recent investigation by the UK’s competition watchdog.

The Competition Commission is concerned by complex chain of payments for repairs and replacement cars between insurers of both parties following an accident, which adds in an estimated £150 million to £200 million onto motor insurance premiums each year.


Road Safety Week Encourages Drivers To Avoid Distractions On The Road

Road safety charity Brake have launched a campaign to prevent collisions by encouraging drivers to turn off phones or put them in the boot to prevent multi-tasking.


Scotland Proposes Strict Liability For Motorists In Cyclist Collisions

A petition by more than 5,000 people calling for the introduction of a Strict Liability law in Scotland has received cross party support from Members of the Scottish Parliament.


Six Cyclists Killed On London Roads In Two Weeks

Cyclists have called for better safety education after a sixth cyclist in just 13 days was killed in the capital on 18th November 2013.

This most recent collision between the bicycle and a lorry happened in South London just before lunch time as the lorry appeared to turn left and ended up running over the cyclist with one of the rear wheels.


Solicitors Welcome Jackson Review But Warn It May Be Too Early To Tell Real Impact

A review to be carried out by Justice Ramsey, the judge charged with implementing the reforms has been met with mixed reactions from personal injury lawyers.


David Bott To Address APIL Conference On Funding

David Bott, Senior Partner of law firm Bott & Co will today address the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) conference when he delivers a joint speech on funding, alongside James Hunt from the Allied Irish Bank.

The conference, which is taking place at the Marble Arch Hotel in Central London, will hear the former APIL President talk about how law firms can work and operate with practical advice on operating costs and funding.


Removal Of Strict Liability From EL Cases

Section 69 of the Enterprise & Regulatory Bill came into force on 1st October, which effectively removed strict liability from employer’s liability cases.

The Act, which will replace section 47 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, will place the burden of proof onto the claimant and requires them to prove their employer was negligent. Under the previous practise the employee is only required to prove that a statutory breach of health and safety occurred, which requires a much lower standard of evidence.


‘Crash for Cash’ Gang Found Guilty of £250,000 Worth Of Fraudulent Claims

Four members of a gang from Sheffield have been found guilty by Sheffield Crown Court of ‘crash for cash’ fraudulent claims worth more than £250,000.

The trial, which ended after a six-week hearing heard how the gang submitted 26 fraudulent claims for personal injury when gang members, Mohammed Gulzar and Shoaib Nawaz filled a bus with ‘fake’ passengers in order to stage a crash and rake in the compensation.


Taxi Firm Install CCTV To Prevent Insurance Fraud

A taxi company in the North East has installed internal and external CCTV across their entire fleet to prevent fraudulent whiplash claims and increase security.

Owner of the firm C&D taxis, Chris Waterstreet, decided to take measures after seeing the firm’s insurance premiums double over the last three years.


Admiral Admit “Over-Providing” For Claims After Profits Rise From Car Insurance

The UK’s second largest car insurers, Admiral revealed a 6% rise in half year profits from last year and has admitted over providing for claims from 2010 to 2012.


Fraudsters Plead Guilty To £150,000 “Crash For Cash” Scam

Three Liverpool men have admitted deliberately causing a collision between a coach and a car in Manchester, in a bid to claim thousands of pounds of whiplash compensation.

Liam Gray aged 26, Ben Carberry, 20 and Kevin Hamilton, 35 all pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to fraud in Southwark Court after a series of investigations by the Police’s Insurance Fraud Department (IFED).


Drivers Warned To Be Wary Of “Flash For Cash” Scam

The latest insurance scam to hit Britain’s roads involves drivers being flashed by other motorists’ lights, in what appears a polite gesture but turns out to be a trap, luring the innocent victim into a collision.

Neil Thomas of anti-fraud investigation specialists, The Asset Protection Unit said: “By appearing to offer the right of way, the criminal simply continues to journey into a collision, holding the victim at fault for turning across him, which of course, cannot be denied under law.”


APIL Calls For Separate Consultation On MIB Claims Costs

A review of the current costs solicitors can claim in cases where the third party is uninsured or untraceable has been called for by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


Personal Injury Industry Reacts To Whiplash Report

Both sides of the personal injury industry have reacted to the Transport Select Committee’s Cost of Motor Insurance and Whiplash Report and the recommendations made in it.

The document released on 31st July was highly anticipated and social media, blogs and legal news sources have been alive with discussion and opinion on the issue.


MPs Publish Cost of Motor Insurance and Whiplash Report

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee has today published a report into the cost of motor insurance and whiplash. The report comes following the Select Committee hearing evidence from key figures within the industry about how the cost and number of whiplash compensation claims can be reduced.


Bott & Co Staff Participate In Another Cycle Ride

On Saturday members of staff at Bott & Co participated in the Jodrell Bank Summer Sportive in Cheshire. The course offered three different lengths – 30 miles, 65 miles and 100 miles.


Brain And Spinal Injury Victims Urged To Seek Specialist Legal Advice by Law Society

Des-Hudson-articleDesmond Hudson, Chief Executive of The Law Society has today warned that victims of accidents who receive brain and spinal injuries should seek the advice of a specialist solicitor or risk losing out on vital compensation.

Mr Hudson said: “Serious and debilitating injuries, loss of earnings or an inability to lead a normal life must not to be glibly dismissed in the myth of ‘compensation culture’.


Personal Injury Lawyers Defend Law Society Campaign

Dont get muggedInsurers have launched a scathing attack on the Law Society’s Don’t Get Mugged campaign.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has called the campaign ““a gross error of judgment” and “little more than public name-calling”. Otto Thoresen, Director-General of the ABI said in a letter to new Law Society chairman Nick Fluck: “Your campaign is a gross error of judgment, represents a deeply regrettable resort to little more than public name-calling and it comes as a matter of considerable surprise that a professional and well-respected organisation such as the Law Society is prepared to lower itself to such action.”


China Looks to Introduce Flight Compensation

Chinese media are reporting that China could be set to introduce flight compensation for delayed or cancelled flights, in a bid to tackle poor flight records in the country. If the idea goes ahead, it could open up for hundreds of thousands more claims for flight compensation.


Axa Calls for Mandatory MRI Scans and a 3-day limit for Whiplash Claims

A report published this week by one of the world’s leading insurers, Axa has called on the government to adopt a series of recommendations which include imposing a three-day limit in which whiplash claims have to be recorded if they are to succeed, and making it mandatory for there to be physical evidence such as an MRI scan or an X-Ray to back-up a whiplash compensation claim.

Axa believes that its recommendations would reduce the number of fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash claims. In the report, it states that there have been some cases whereby a whiplash diagnosis has been given over the telephone by a doctor rather than face to face.


Bott & Co Cycle from Manchester to Blackpool for Charity

Staff at Bott & Co raised £5,000 for charity on Sunday when they cycled 60 miles from Manchester to Blackpool in aid of Cancer Research and the Spinal Injuries Association. Over 20 employees at the law firm were joined by the official Bott cycle team which includes Roy Holmes, the current British Cycling and LVRC 50+ Road Race Champion.


DGMW - Case Study 4 - Mr C.

To conclude Don’t Get Mugged Week we look at the story of how a victim in a serious scooter accident was offered £10,000 but thanks to our personal injury solicitors secured £430,000 compensation. That represents a massive 4200% increase compared to the original offer which coincides with the Law Society’s own campaign which advises claimants to think twice before saying ‘yes’ to the first compensation payment offered.

The 22 year old claimant was forced to retire as a mechanic when he was knocked off his scooter in 1996. Whilst travelling along a one-way street a car pulled out to his right and collided with him. He was left with a fractured scaphoid bone in his wrist and soft tissue injuries to the neck and shoulders. On his first visit to the hospital doctors did not diagnose the fractured scaphoid, which led to severe complications as the untreated fracture eventually caused the bone to die which resulted in pain and limitation of wrist movement, due to stiffness.


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