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Bott & Co are among the leading no win no fee solicitors in the UK. An award winning law firm specialising in personal injury and flight delay compensation Bott & Co recover millions of pounds in compensation for injured people and airline passengers every year.

And we are 100% no win no fee so you’ll never be stuck with a legal bill that you can’t afford when you use us for your claim.

There are no up-front costs and we take all the financial risk on the very rare occasion we don’t win your case. But with our 99% success rate and as we consistently recover many times more compensation than our clients are offered by insurers, choosing Bott & Co as your no win no fee solicitors is the best decision you’ll make.

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What Is No Win No Fee?

We promise to always offer you a no win no fee service for any personal injury or delayed flight claim. No win no fee is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) and this means we agree to work for you on the basis that we won’t charge any fees if the claim is unsuccessful.

We do this so that you have no risk to making a claim and it enables us to help you receive justice. We also purchase an After The Event (ATE) insurance on your behalf to cover any legal costs should you not win the case. However, if you have an existing legal expenses insurance policy such as one included in your car insurance, then you won’t need an ATE policy. Whatever your particular circumstances, we will advise you on how to protect yourself against any costs and how we will recover the best possible compensation amounts from the other side.

Why Choose A No Win No Fee Solicitors?

Using a specialist no win no fee solicitor such as Bott & Co is important to make sure you are fully represented with expert legal advice when you make a compensation claim against another party. They will be represented by a legal team and so you should get the best team of solicitors possible – that means us,

We have a commanding track record of recovering millions of pounds in compensation for thousands of clients over more than a decade.

Using our no win no fee service means that you can claim compensation with no financial risk and with confidence that you have one of the best legal teams in the country fighting your corner.

When Does No Win No Fee Apply?

If you don’t have a pre-existing legal expense policy when your accident occurs then you will need us to purchase an ATE insurance policy on your behalf otherwise you may end up having to pay the fees yourself. If you have a legal expense policy or an ATE policy then you won’t be liable for our costs in the rare event we don’t win your case.

Because we only receive costs if we win it means we are all the more determined to make the claim a successful one and our track record of winning 99% of our claims over more than a decade, shows that we are a safe option for handling your compensation claim.

What Do I Have To Pay?

We win 99% of all our claims but if yours is one of the 1% that isn’t successful then you still won’t have to pay anything. Our Conditional Fee Agreement means that we limit our costs no matter how much work we do on your case. The result is that when you win your case we will never charge more than 25% of the total damages (for flight delay claims we charge 25 Euros and 27% of the compensation only when we win) so you keep the vast majority of your compensation.

We do this since April 2013 when the Government slashed the fees that solicitors could recover from the other party by 60%. In order to continuing providing the public with a genuine no win no fee service we’ve had to include a small percentage of your compensation to cover our costs.

Why Choose Bott & Co

We’re totally independent of insurance companies.

This means we work to get you the maximum possible compensation whereas some firms and your insurers will usually want to pay out as little as possible.

We’re specialists in personal injury

We’re in the top 200 law firms in the UK and in the top 20 personal injury specialists. While some personal injury firms have closed down since changes to the industry in April 2013, we’ve grown stronger and even bigger.

We’re a regulated and authorised law firm

As a solicitor’s practise we are audited and regulated and the rules around how we operated are very strict, unlike with claims management companies.

There’s no financial risk to you

Because we offer a 100% no win no fee service you never have to pay anything up front and even if we lost your case you won’t pay anything.

We have a proven track record

With many decades of legal experience at Bott & Co and a firm that has continued to grow since launch in 2001 we’ve won 99% of all claims during that time. Our solicitors are among the best in the business and have been shortlisted for various individual legal awards.

Making a no-win no-fee claim with Bott & Co means you’ll experience the best customer service, from the best legal team available. We’ll assign a dedicated lawyer to work on your claim from start to finish and our experienced Legal Managers oversee all the cases using their knowledge and experience to make sure you received the best possible pay out in the shortest possible time.

We’ll take your claim all the way to court if necessary – we’re not underdogs when it comes to fighting insurance companies as our 99% success rate demonstrates. Our lawyers will advise you every step of the way and we’ll keep you updated with your claim throughout the process.

To make a claim or to simply find out more about our services, with no obligation, call 01625 415850 or complete our claim form and we’ll call you back.

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