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Tristan Sands

Tristan Sands

Contact Details

Phone: 01625 415800

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Tristan Sands is qualified as a Solicitor specialising in personal injury and civil litigation. His role as a manager within the RTA department sees him primarily responsible for managing the MOJ Portal Team and The Client Care Team – a total of 20 colleagues in total. In addition to his management responsibilities he is a senior member of the Litigation Team carrying a caseload of between 200-250 files.

With over 10 years’ experience in dealing with personal injuries caused by road traffic accidents, he has been fortunate to have worked equally on the Claimant side (in his current role) and on the Defendant side.

His past experiences have taught him what motivates Claimants in making claims for compensation and also the wildly differing approaches deployed by the UK’s top tier insurance companies in dealing with personal injury claims.

When asked why he became interested in law he said: “I come from a family of doctors, dentists and teachers and I have seen the fantastic careers that my family have built based on their work in their chosen professions. My mind was made up at a relatively early stage that I was too squeamish to deal hands on with the ailments, mouths and children of the general public and that left the Law.”

Having attended The Manchester Grammar School, and gone to Durham University, he added a law degree to the honours degree he had already achieved in Philosophy.

Specialising in civil litigation and personal injury in particular suits Tristan’s core strengths of being analytical, instinctive and empathetic when necessary. Advising and representing clients requires understanding of each client’s needs as well as the technical knowledge and experience to give the right advice when it is needed in order to secure the right outcome.

Tristan is passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for his clients in the form of a settlement that reflects their pain and suffering, combined with effective rehabilitation and any necessary adaptations to their way of living.

He aims to alleviate any concerns clients might have from the very outset of the claim, and is honest and transparent throughout their claim journey whilst providing the best possible service. Tristan’s highest achievement so far is qualifying as a Solicitor having secured a training contract at Keoghs Solicitors of Bolton prior to joining Bott and Co.

“My family motivates me to strive for the best in my professional life and whilst at work I take satisfaction when either my team or I achieve results which do not just meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, in addition to producing strong revenue for the firm.”

Outside work Tristan’s hobbies include watching football and travelling. He is an avid Manchester United supporter and is a season ticket holder. Tristan also enjoys cooking and spending time with his wife and young children.


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