Michael Campbell

Contact Details

Phone: 01625 415800

Fax: 01625 415900

Michael is a new member of Bott and Co’s Road Traffic Accident Team, having previously worked in the Flight Delay Team.

He joined Bott and Co as an Office Junior in 2017 and worked his way up to become a fully trained member of the Flight Delay Team. His perseverance and determination saw him progress within the Customer Service team before taking up the role of Retention Champion.

He is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual who brings a calm, problem-solving attitude to his work.

As a Retention Champion, he helps to implement and develop the firm’s retention strategy through data analysis and continuously works to improve customer experience at every stage of their claims process.

Mike has extensive experience in dealing with people from all different types of backgrounds and age groups. He feels that client care is the most important aspect of his work.

“Clients are at the heart of everything we do and I particularly enjoy positively challenging people’s assumptions about the organisation in what we do and achieve, and I am always excited when we are able to learn from the incredible clients that we have,” said Mike.

“Our excellent credentials and experience in flight delay compensation speak for themselves. I work closely with the flight delay team leader to ensure the team meets the demands and challenges of the constantly evolving needs business.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of his job, Mike said: “I have an extremely empathetic approach with my clients. Being able to help the clients who have been in awful situations with because of flight delays is very satisfying. Knowing what we do, can just help them that little bit more and get the compensation that they deserve is what it’s all about.”

Outside of work he is involved in charity and he once cycled as far as he could on a spinning bike for 8 hours to raise money for Help for Heroes. When not fundraising, you will find Mike cheering on his football team (Celtic FC) and also playing football a few times a week, as most of his weekends are dedicated to his family.


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