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Laurence Taylor

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Phone: 01625 415800

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Laurence Taylor began his career at Bott and Co in 2015 as an Office Junior and within a few months he progressed to the role of Legal Assistant, and now specialises in Holiday Sickness.

As holiday sickness is currently a rather niche area of litigation, he was very interested in learning about the processes involved in pursuing a claim of this nature as it seemed to differ greatly from other forms of personal injury.

Working as an Office Junior gave him an exposure to the legal environment of Bott and Co where he learnt the basics of file management and the sorts of correspondence received for different kinds of cases. This position gave him a thorough understanding of the company policies, procedures and processes involved in running personal injury claims.

No one wants to suffer an illness when on holiday. However, in the unfortunate instance that it happens as a result of someone else’s negligence or someone failing to follow the law, our expert team here at Bott and Co can help to achieve a sense of justice.

Laurence’s experience in holiday litigation and holiday sickness has given him a unique insight into the litigation processes that enable him to secure the best results for his clients.

His attention to details means that he enjoys dealing with the many challenges faced in the pursuit of compensation and thrives on the diversity of problem-solving.

When asked what keeps him motivated in his role he says: “The knowledge that, despite the ever-strengthening opposition by defendants of these kinds of claims, justice can still be done for legitimate claimants who have suffered as a result of poor hygiene standards in resorts on holidays sold by negligent tour operators.”

“I work closely with my colleagues on very delicate cases. I thrive in the new challenges and find this role very rewarding.”

One of his professional highlights to date is attending his first successful trial in Norwich where, despite a tough battle with opposing counsel, judgment was ruled in our favour and over £4,000 was awarded to the Claimant. After several years of pursuing this matter to trial, there was an enormous sense of satisfaction all round at the positive outcome.

As an accomplished musician, Laurence can play three musical instruments: guitar, bass and piano and he can occasionally be found honing his proficiency with each of these when not in work.


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