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Ben Bale

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Ben Bale is the RTA portal team leader, having worked at Bott and Co for 5 years, and he is responsible for managing a case load of personal injury matters as well as assisting Fee Earners with their own cases.

After studying law at university Ben managed to obtain employment at a local firm of solicitors advising clients on various personal injury matters and later joined Bott and Co specialising in Litigation, Fast Track Claims, Road Traffic Accidents and the MOJ Portal.

He combines his role with active involvement in training and development and ensures that best practice is delivered at all times.

Ben’s caseload is dominated by personal injury claims and a key part of his expertise are the negotiation skills that enable him to win the highest possible compensation for his clients so that it reflects the suffering, disability and financial losses they have already incurred and are likely to incur in future.

“I have always been interested in ensuring those who suffer the misfortune of having an accident are fairly compensated for their sustained injuries. Without the involvement of a firm of solicitors, claimants would be treated unfairly by the large insurance organisations. Having us on their side ensures they are represented fairly and get the best advice.”

Ben’s relationship-building skills and outstanding communication skills which inspire confidence and loyalty are some of the skills he has managed to finely tune, having worked in various different roles in his professional career.

When asked what the most rewarding part of his role was, Ben commented, “Getting a great result for a client when an insurer has refused to compensate them is the most satisfying part of my role. I dealt with a case recently in which the claimant, for personal reasons, was unable to bring his claim immediately after the accident. The insurer maintained that due to the late presentation of the case, it was dishonest. Despite these arguments the case proceeded to trial where we were successful with the judge finding in our favour and awarding compensation for the claimant. To know you have made a difference to that individual and achieved a successful result with persistent attempts from the insurers to defeat the claim is the most rewarding part of the role.”

To ensure the highest possible standard of client service and care, Ben invests time and effort in the professional development of the new members of the RTA team, making sure they are highly trained and continually progressing in their role.

Practicing law in an ever changing legal landscape, for example the government’s announcement of proposals to raise the small claims limit for personal injury from £1,000 to £5,000, and to ban the right to claim compensation for minor soft tissue injuries, raised a big alarm in the legal profession. However working with a firm such as Bott and Co means that we are able to adapt to various changes in the law and use our specialist solicitors who invest their expertise to get the best for each and every client.

When not at work, Ben enjoys playing golf and socialises with friends. He is also a keen traveller and has recently travelled around Australia, Cambodia and Vietnam. Ben has also helped fundraise over £10,000 for the Christie Hospital.


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