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Andrew Peters

Andy Peters

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Andrew is a science graduate who taught physics for 5 years before the qualifying as a solicitor.

He has a wealth of experience in all aspects of personal injury litigation and his particular specialities involve catastrophic injury claims, including those caused by clinical negligence, and claims relating to a foreign jurisdiction, including accident and illness claims.

Andrew qualified as a solicitor in 1999 having served his training contract with a major regional North West firm of solicitors, Stephensons.

He then joined a national insurance litigation practice, Keoghs where he quickly became an associate and dealt with complex and large loss personal injury claims.

A desire to help injured people led to his joining Bott and Co in 2002 where he has remained ever since. He has represented many claimants who have suffered a life changing injuries, often as a result of trauma sustained in motorcycle accidents.

Andrew recognises the devastating and life changing impact that serious injury has upon an individual and will work closely with them to minimise the impact on their life and to facilitate a return to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

He recognises the importance of a close working relationship between solicitor and client and is more than happy to travel to see an injured client irrespective of where they live. He regularly takes instructions from those who are still in hospital and at the most vulnerable phase of their recovery following serious injury. By quickly establishing a relationship of trust he is able to give reassurance about the legal process and the service that can be provided.

He recognises the benefits of early rehabilitation and the financial worries that follow serious injury that can be addressed by aggressively pursuing (if necessary) early interim payments.

He has excellent contacts with the appropriate service providers relating to catastrophic injury cases including experienced counsel, rehabilitation providers and medico – legal experts.

He is approachable and recognises the absolute requirement for a seriously injured client to have unfettered access to his or her solicitor.


Personal injury
Catastrophic injury
Clinical negligence
Product liability
Travel-related litigation

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

The Law Society


Science graduate – University of Bath

Notable cases

Mr. F.

Mr F sustained devastating injuries when his motorcycle was involved in a head on collision with a motorcycle travelling in the opposite direction. Neither rider remembered the accident although it was clear from the accident debris that the collision had taken place on Mr F’s side of the road and he was therefore blameless.

The defendant insurer was very slow to accept responsibility and Mr F’s injuries were such that he was unable to continue working and his reduced income caused him financial uncertainty. As a result, the unusual step of issuing court proceedings without a medical report was taken and an early application for an interim payment was made before the defendant insurer had admitted liability.

Such proactive action ensured that liability was indeed admitted and the necessary funds were secured to alleviate Mr F’s financial worries.

Ultimately, after a number of years and several bouts of surgery Mr F made a decision to undergo an above knee amputation of his severely injured leg. Support, advice and rehabilitation were provided and co-ordinated via Bott and Co throughout the process.

Settlement was ultimately concluded at £1.2 million which provided Mr F with sufficient funds to purchase single story adapted accommodation, a state of the art artificial limb and adapted transportation to enable him to continue his love of outdoor pursuits.

Mr. B.

Mr B was the unfortunate victim of a hit and run driver.

The identity of the Defendant was only established as a result of the number plate of his vehicle becoming detached at the accident scene.

Mr B underwent an above knee amputation of his left leg very shortly after the accident.

Andrew was involved in his case from the very earliest stages, taking his initial instructions very shortly after the amputation procedure.

Early rehabilitation was arranged, funded by the Defendant insurer and Mr B had the benefit of access to the latest artificial limb technology via Pace rehabilitation.

Mr B lived in a first floor flat with no lift access before the accident and funds were secured to enable him to move to a single story bungalow, adapted to cater for his needs.

Unfortunately, Mr B went on to develop a sarcoma in the stump of his amputated leg. Detailed medical evidence was obtained from a Professor of Oncology and that the evidence confirmed that the sarcoma would have developed even if the leg had not been subjected to trauma and that amputation would have been required due to the development of the cancer, in any event.

Advice was taken from Queen’s Counsel and ultimately amicable settlement was agreed at £325,000, an excellent outcome given the evidence that Mr B would have required amputation of his injured leg even if he had not been involved in the road traffic accidents (as a result of his cancer treatment).

Given Mr B’s prognosis settlement negotiations were expedited and conducted on an urgent basis to ensure that he was able to enjoy some benefit from the damages secured on his behalf

Mrs. T.

Mrs T suffered devastating and life changing injuries when involved in a motorcycle accident as a pillion passenger.

Originally from South Africa Mrs T had no family support in the UK.

Andrew took instructions from Mrs T’s daughter (who had flow to the UK from South Africa as a result of her mother’s accident) who he met at hospital whilst Mrs T was still in a coma in the aftermath of the accident.

As a result of the head trauma sustained in the accident Mrs T was left with a permanent brain injury.

An early admission of liability was obtained from the defendant insurer and a rehabilitation package put in place. Accordingly Mrs T was able to undergo an extensive period of residential neuro-rehabilitation on a private basis on her discharge from hospital.

As Mrs T was unable to work as a result of her injuries a substantial interim payment was also secured so that she would not have any financial worries during her rehabilitation.

Her instructions were to proceed to settlement as soon as possible in order that she could endeavour to put the accident behind her and return to South Africa to live close to her children.

Advice was taken from senior counsel throughout the claim and settlement was achieved within 15 months of instruction at a figure exceeding £800,000.

Mr. C.

Mr C’s claim involved an interplay between a road traffic accident and subsequent clinical negligence.

Mr C injured his wrist when he was knocked from his scooter in a road traffic accident.

He attended hospital and his treating doctors neglected to note a fractured scaphoid (a small bone in his wrist).

His wrist should have been immobilised to allow the scaphoid to heal but that treatment was not provided and the scaphoid became necrotic as a result, leaving Mr C with a severe injury to his dominant wrist which ultimately required fusion surgery, rendering him unable to continue his work as a mechanic.

Both the insurers of the Defendant motorist and the NHS Trust who had provided negligent treatment were involved in the ultimate settlement of this claim.

Although the first offer the Mr C received after his accident was some £2000 his claim ultimately settled at the figure of £435,000.

Mr. S.

Mr S suffered life changing injuries in a road traffic accident. As a result of his injuries he permanently lost the use of his left arm.

Mr S did not instruct Bott and Co until 3.5 years after the accident as he had originally instructed a different Firm. Andrew was specifically recommended to Mr S who was dissatisfied with the progress made by his original solicitors who had not secured him an interim payment (despite having been involved for over 3 years) and advised that his best likely outcome was settlement at a figure of no more than £350,000.

Within 2 months of being instructed Andrew had secured an interim payment of £25,000 and after a further 2 months final settlement was agreed at the figure of £500,000 a figure significantly in excess of Mr S’ expectations given the advice that he had previously received.