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Financial Ombudsman Service Decision On Pivotal Test Case May Lead To Consumers Recovering Compensation For Mis Sold Car Finance Agreements

Legal rights for individuals who may have been mis sold car finance agreements may be significantly improved after the Financial Ombudsman Service reached a decision on a test case involving a Bott and Co client.

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Car Finance Market Mis-selling Scandal Explained

In March 2019, the findings of an investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) uncovered concerning evidence of widespread unclear and excessive car finance costs, affecting millions of UK drivers. Even more shocking is the discovery that the secret commission methods were used on what is commonly represented to be the most cost-effective way of buying a car.

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Bott and Co Welcomes Ruling Not To Overturn Dangerous Driving Conviction Due To Close Pass

Bott and Co welcomes a Northern Ireland ruling not to overturn a dangerous driving conviction to the lesser offence of careless driving following the very close pass of club cyclists. There is an urgent need for case law on the subject of close passes.

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Tour Operators Are Legally Obliged To Provide For Disabled Holidaymakers

Travelling without limits should be possible for everyone, whether able bodied or not. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. It’s paramount that people with reduced mobility aren’t discouraged from booking a holiday, and it’s equally important that should the worst happen, holidaymakers are aware of their rights.

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Foodie Capitals of the World

Have you ever wondered how many different national cuisines (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Ethiopian, etc) are on offer in the world’s greatest cities? We analysed the restaurant data in Google Maps to find out. New York and London lead the pack of the world’s foodie capitals. Explore the full results.

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A Guide To The Jackson Reforms

Sir Rupert Jackson, a senior judge at the Court of Appeal, was asked by the Master of the Rolls, Sir Anthony Clarke to carry out a review into civil costs. The review commenced at the start of 2009 and was presented to the Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw in January 2010.