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As part of our comprehensive list of services we offer to our flight compensation clients, we can provide you with a free flight compensation letter to download for you to send directly to the airlines.

Unlike other companies in the industry, we provide this letter completely free of charge.

We understand how confusing the law can be around EU regulation 261 and how difficult it is to find all the information that the airlines require. That’s why we’ve chosen to help passengers by offering a free flight compensation letter for you to send to the airlines.

We don’t just leave it there though, we’ll be happy to provide free advice by telephone, email or Facebook should you need it, all completely free of charge.

All you need to do is add in your flight number and date of travel into the letter, print it out, and pop it in the post. If you don’t hear back from the airline within 30 days then let us know and we can pick up the claim on your behalf.

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Flight Delay Letter
Flight Cancellation Letter
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Hassle Free Flight Claims

If you’re unsure about claiming directly with the airlines, please take a look at our no win no fee claim options. This service is suitable for those are want to take the hassle out of dealing with their claim. For a fixed fee of €25 + 27% of the compensation recovered we will take care of the entire claim for your – including taking the claim to court if necessary.

Bott & Co Flight Compensation Services At A Glance.

Bott & Co You
Claim assessed for legal validity under EC Regulation 261/2004 Yes Yes
Actual flight times provided Yes Yes
Claim letter to submit to airline Yes Yes
Meteorological conditions checked Yes Yes
Free advice by telephone and internet Yes Yes
Claim cross referenced against database of previous successful claims Yes No
Formal legal letter sent to airline Yes No
Drafting of court proceedings included Yes No
Representation at court included Yes No
No need for client to attend court Yes No
Court fees paid on your behalf (Average £150) Yes No
Fee paid for an expert report to combat ‘technical defect’ arguments (Up to £750) Yes No
Fee paid for an expert report to combat ‘weather’ arguments Yes No
No financial risk Yes No
Over €10 Million compensation already recovered Yes No
Cost €25 + 27%

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