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Based on 12,393 reviews.

Claim Up To £520 In Compensation For Your Flight Delay

You can claim up to £520 in compensation if your flight has been delayed more than three hours or if your flight has been cancelled.

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"I heard about Bott and Co on TV from Martin Lewis money show.

Handed everything over to them and immediately they took over. Their admin was swift and professional and we signed up. Bott and Co kept us informed along the way the claim was settled and again all communication throughout was clear, efficient and timely.

Thank you Bott and Co we could not have done it without you as had tried every other avenue."


Based on 12,393 reviews.

Key Points When Claiming For Flight Delay Compensation

  • You may be entitled to claim up to £520 per passenger in flight delay compensation if your flight arrives at least three hours later than scheduled and the delay was the airline’s responsibility and not an “extraordinary circumstance.”
  • You can claim for flights that flights departed from or arrived at a UK airport, or arrived at a EU airport on a UK or EU airline.
  • We are the only company that provides full legal support as standard for all claims
  • Our No Win No Fee Promise means you are at no financial risk when making a claim

Claim Up To £520 In Less Than A Minute With The UK’s No. 1 Flight Compensation Claims Company

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How Much Compensation Can I Claim From The Airlines

The maximum amount of compensation you can claim for a delayed flight is £520 per passenger.

The amount of compensation you can claim for your delay will depend on the length of your delay and the flight distance. The level of compensation increases the longer you are delayed and the further the distance of your flight.

You can claim for each passenger individually. The compensation amounts are fixed and unrelated to the ticket cost, the class of the fare you booked or whether you used air miles.

Flight Compensation Amounts in UK Pounds

Flight Distance Never arrived More than 4 hours 3 hours or more Less than 3 hours
All flights 1,500km or





Internal EU flights over 1,500km





Non-internal EU flights between 1,500km and 3,500km





Internal EU flights over 3,500km





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    We have claimed over £79m in flight compensation from the airlines.

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    Recognised not just within our industry but also by Martin Lewis as “pioneers” in our field.

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    Completely independent, our only focus is helping you claim for what you are legally entitled to.

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    Fully Regulated

    We are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Your claim is in safe hands.

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What Flights Are Eligible For Compensation

EU Regulation 261 applies to all UK or EU regulated flights. This means it covers all flights departing from a UK or EU airport regardless of the airline you are travelling on.

Additionally, if you’re flying on a UK or EU based airline, it covers all flights that arrive in the UK or EU irrespective of where they took off.

Flights Covered By EU Reg 261

Departing From Arriving To Can I Claim?
Airport inside UK/ EU Airport inside UK/EU

Yes (Claimable for any airline)

Airport inside UK/ EU Airport outside UK/EU

Yes (Claimable for any airline)

Airport outside UK/EU Airport inside UK/EU

Yes (If on an EU based airline)

Airport outside UK/EU Airport outside UK/EU


How Long Does A Flight Have To Be Delayed To Get Compensation?

You will be eligible to claim compensation if your flight arrives at least three hours later than originally scheduled.

Compensation is paid based on your arrival time rather than when you leave. Arrival time is clearly set out in EU Reg261 when at least one of the plane doors is opened.

Recent Successful Flight Compensation Claims

How Far Back Can You Claim Flight Compensation?

In the UK, you can claim for eligible flights that departed in the last six years. In Scotland, you have five years from the departure date to start your claim.

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    Our No Win No Fee Promise means you are at no financial risk when making a claim

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We’re An Award Winning No Win No Fee Solicitors

As the law firm who won the most important landmark court flight compensation cases in 2013, and have been fighting for the rights of hundreds of thousands of clients since, our legal team has an unmatched pedigree in successfully representing UK airline passengers for over a decade.

We Are The Only Company That Provides Full Legal Support as Standard

Unlike many other firms, we provide full legal support as standard for every claim we take on.

Couple this with our no win no fee guarantee and simple pricing, and you can enjoy the comfort of knowing your claim is in the best possible hands while being at no financial risk.

What You Get With Bott and Co

Our services are 100% No Win No Fee, meaning there’s no financial risk to you, even if your claim is unsuccessful.

Unlike other organisations, we actually represent you against the airlines. That level of representation goes way beyond issuing letters for you to send to the airlines.

We do the following as standard practice:

  • Our legal team reviews every single claim to ensure you’re legally entitled to compensation
  • Unparalleled legal expertise with over a decade of negotiating successfully with the airlines
  • We will compile your case, handling all paperwork, and present the claim to the airline
  • We issue court proceedings within 30 days to ensure the claim is processed as quickly as legally possible
  • We will pay for all court fees, and any costs relating to your claim
  • We will handle all communication with the airline and the court if necessary
  • Regular and timely updates on the status of your claim
  • UK based legal team available by phone and email for anything you may need during your claim

Our pricing is displayed as a flat fee, so you can see from the outset how much will be deducted from your compensation to cover our costs, if your claim is successful.

Find out more about our fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Flight delay compensation rights fall under an EU law called EU Regulation 261. EU261 provides legal rights for passengers to claim compensation when their flight is delayed or cancelled or if they were denied boarding.

    The regulation aims to compensate passengers for the time lost and inconvenience they suffered when significant disruptions to their travel arrangements occurred.

  • Circumstances classed as extraordinary in EU261 are instances where events outside the airline’s responsibility cause the delay.

    The term “extraordinary circumstances” may apply to events where the delay was caused by something unexpected and not easily anticipated by the airline.

    Examples Of Extraordinary Circumstances

    Situations when you wouldn’t be able to claim flight compensation due to extraordinary circumstances:

    • Extreme and unexpected weather conditions
    • Industrial action, including strikes unrelated to the airline, such as air traffic control, baggage handler or border force strikes
    • Hidden manufacturing defects with the plane
    • Bird strikes, flying into and damaging the engine
    • Passenger taken ill on the flight
    • Acts of terrorism or civil unrest
    • Security risks

    Examples That Are Not Extraordinary Circumstances

    Situations when you would be able to claim flight compensation due to extraordinary circumstances:

    • Insufficient staff, pilots, cabin crew, check-in staff, or ground staff
    • Staff sickness, including pilots and cabin crew
    • Airline staff strikes
    • Known technical issues or defects with the aircraft
    • Technical problems with in-person or online check-in, boarding the flight
    • Flight overbooking or involuntarily denied passenger boarding
    • Expected bad weather
    • Lightening strikes
    • Bad weather affecting a previous flight causes your flight to be delayed.

    Citing “extraordinary circumstances” is the only valid defence an airline has against paying compensation for flight delays over three hours, and the majority of the court battles we’ve encountered test the definition of what an extraordinary circumstance is.

    Several landmark court cases, many involving Bott and Co clients, have helped clarify this area of EU261.

  • You’re legally entitled to claim compensation for a cancelled flight if the flight cancellation is the airline’s responsibility and if your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure and you arrived at your final destination on a replacement flight by two hours or more.

    Your rights to claim compensation for cancelled flights extend further depending on your circumstances, including having the option to claim a full refund.

  • If you were involuntarily denied boarding your scheduled flight because the airline overbooked the flight, you have legal rights to claim compensation for denied boarding if you arrived at your final destination more than three hours later than the originally scheduled flight.

  • Under EU Regulation 261, you can claim flight compensation if your flight delay means you missed your connecting flight and arrived at your final destination more than three hours late.

    Additionally, the airline is responsible for booking you on the next available flight on any airline and providing care and assistance, including accommodation if necessary.

    Your rights to claim for a missed connecting flight due to a delay under EU261 are limited to passengers who have their flights booked on a single ticket.

  • The length of time it may take to receive compensation for a delayed flight will depend on the airline and how you have chosen to claim.

    We have been legally representing clients against the airlines since 2014 and have a very good relationship with each airline, from negotiating thousands of claims each year.

    As we submit so many claims against airlines on behalf of passengers, we have a regular dialogue with their legal departments, making it much more likely that a quick settlement is reached.

    We often receive instructions from passengers who have given up claiming directly after being rejected by the airline.

  • The UK Government wrote EU Regulation 261 into UK law at the end of the Brexit transition period in December 2020. The name of the new law is Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 (as amended by The Air Passenger Rights and Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019).” It can sometimes be referred to as “UK261.”

    UK passengers enjoy the same rights as before. Except now, depending on where they are flying, they are protected by the UK law or the existing EU version. Additionally, compensation is now paid in UK Pounds rather than Euros.

Meet Our Solicitors

Coby Benson

Coby Benson Head Of Flight Compensation Team At Bott and Co

A member of The Law Society and a SRA Registered Solicitor, Coby has been instrumental in establishing flight delay compensation law in the UK, including playing a significant part in the landmark cases of Huzar v Jet2 and Dawson v Thomson at The Supreme Court.

Coby is regularly asked for comment in the national media, regularly featuring in The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and The Independent as well as appearing on BBC Television, Sky News, ITV and BBC Radio 4 and Radio Five Live.

More about Bott and Co

Bott and Co is an award-winning consumer solicitors firm with offices throughout the UK. Our flight compensation division launched in February 2013 and we have since gone on to claim over £79 million in compensation for our clients.

Additionally, Bott and Co successfully represented both Ronald Huzar V Jet2 and James Dawson V Thomson in their landmark cases which opened the rights of millions of airline passengers to claim compensation.