Michelle Kibble

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Phone: 01625 415800

Fax: 01625 415900

Michelle Kibble is Bott and Co’s Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Admin and Training Manager having joined the firm in 2005. Her role at the firm involves improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm’s training and development programs.

Having always been interested in a career in Law and having studying it at college, Michelle saw an opening at Bott and Co as a Junior which included support through CILEx. Her hard work, drive and motivation saw her progress in different roles which gave her a strong understanding of how different roles, departments work and support each other to achieve the best outcomes.

Michelle works closely with the firm’s Admin Assistants to help develop their skill sets through a number of coaching sessions, role plays as well as mentoring.
Her strength comes through her unique ability to use her business experiences to understand the knowledge and skills new team members need to increase their performance and productivity. She then designs and delivers her training programs in a way that excites and motivates colleagues to use new skills which enhances the quality of the learner experience.

Finding new and efficient ways of supporting the Admin Assistants to ensure they are able to effectively advise clients is Michelle’s main priority.
Her pragmatic approach, attention to detail and experience in identifying areas for improvement and developing solutions enables her to make sure the needs of the entire team are met, and that the teams always run smoothly, as she is committed to providing an exceptional service at all times.

When asked what her most rewarding part of the job was, Michelle answered: “The opportunity to meet so many types of people, taking them through the training and development process and getting feedback about members of my team and those I have trained.”

Michelle is motivated with a job well done, and does her best to ensure her team maintain high standards. Her experience means she is often able to suggest a simple, practical solution to what may feel like a daunting problem at work.

She has a passion for animals and has a particular love for horses. Her two horses are mum and daughter. She has always owned horses and ridden but dealing with the safe arrival and education of a foal has been especially rewarding.

An accomplished rider, on her days off, she regularly competes with both horses usually in dressage and is a member of the Haflinger Society of Great Britain charity.


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