Make a Claim for Motor Finance Compensation

An investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority has concluded that thousands of buyers have been mis-sold vehicle finance, costing innocent buyers over £1,000 on average.

We can help to recover any money owed on a no-win-no-fee basis. Please fill in the form below to start your claim now.

Make a Claim for Motor Finance Compensation

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If you’ve had more than one finance agreement in the past 10 years then you can make a separate claim for each of them.

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In order to make a claim we will need to know the name of the lender that provided finance for your vehicle and/or the name of the dealership that you purchased the vehicle from. You can find the name of your lender on your finance agreement paperwork, on your bank statement or on your credit record

If you have a copy of your finance agreement handy then please upload it here, as it will speed up the claims process.

If you know the registration number of the vehicle please provide that here:

When we write to the lender we will give them your name and address, so that they can locate the details of your finance agreement.

Was your address the same as above when you entered the agreement?
Was the name on the finance agreement the same as above?

In order to act on your behalf we will also need a copy of driving licence or passport. You can upload a copy of this now or send a copy to us by post or email later.

By completing this form you consent to instruct Bott and Company Solicitors Limited to present your claim and issue court proceedings if necessary. You understand that we work on a no-win-no-fee basis, which means if we aren’t successful you won’t have to pay anything.